About Me

Competition History: 

August 2014 - The Crush Games
Januray 2015 - Wodapalooza
April 2015 - The Iron Game Open
April 2015 - Benevolent Games - 2nd Place
July 2015 - The War Games - 2nd Place
August 2015 - Bad Bitch Contest - 4th Place
September 2015 - The Jacked Classic
October 2015 - Crush Games
February 2016 - Doral Championship - 1st Place
October 2016 - The Miami Classic - 2nd place



CFL1 Trainer
Sports Performance Coach

Amanda started her journey into fitness and health at Florida Atlantic University studying Exercise Science and Health promotion. In 2014, she began her Crossfit journey, and immediately knew that she had found her passion. Along with training, Amanda had a desire to educate people on the importance of proper nutrition to support an active lifestyle. She began tracking macros and flexible dieting in 2015. Since then she has competed in 7 Crossfit competitions, 4 USAW Weightlifting meets, and has successfully coached over 200 clients within the past year utilizing flexible dieting. She uses her social media platforms to connect and inspire people, in hopes that she can rid people of some of the common myths within the fitness industry. 

"When I stepped into the fitness industry, I was shocked at the amount of people who believed that starving & depriving themselves was the only way to lose weight. I wanted to educate people on the importance of living a balanced lifestyle. There are no such thing as "good" foods or "bad" foods. It's simply food, and when you fuel your body properly, you will be amazed at the results. Health is not just about body composition, it's about your mental health too - and you should never sacrifice that for the sole purpose of aesthetics. You can still reach your goals while living a normal life, and enjoying the foods you love!" - Amanda